Interested in a simple understanding which gets results?

If you are, then come to the first North of England Conference Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th May 2017, a unique event which brings together experienced people in the fields of:

  • community development work, both local and international
  • mental health and addictions
  • prisons
  • schools and education
  • homelessness
  • LGBT


We are excited and privileged to welcome Dr. Bill Pettit (Psychiatrist) and Dr. Linda Pettit (Psychologist) from the US. Bill and Linda have over 50 years of experience in the mental health field (and been involved in imparting an understanding of innate health and the Three Principles for many of these years). They are fascinating speakers and bring a loving and compassionate approach to their working which shines through their presentations.

Additionally, we have been lucky enough to engage a number of inspirational and experienced practitioners will also be presenting on a range of subjects at the conference:

Steve Adairhomelessness, community work, LGBT, Psychotherapy

Jenny Anderson – international community work, practitioner training

Sue Anderson – community work, Second Chance Facilitator

Amanda Buck – community development work, food poverty

Dave Ellerayinternational community work, environmental

Tony Fiedler – homelessness, community work, LGBT

Jacqueline Hollowsprisons, criminal justice

Anni Pooleeducation, schools

What’s it all about?

Our keynote speakers will be talking about how you can alleviate the stress you feel in your lives and release an ‘inner resilience’ – to enable you to navigate your life challenges more easily and elegantly, with less trauma and anxiety.

Whether you are looking to alleviate your own stress or, you are working with people who are experiencing challenges in their lives, finding out about this unique and direct understanding, helps people individually and in their work, to see that ‘no human being can or ever will be ‘broken’ or ‘lacking’, no matter what he or she has been through in the past, is currently experiencing in the present, or will encounter in the future.

Our speakers come from a variety of communities, and have worked with people who have been troubled by their thinking, and –  through gaining an understanding of the Three Principles of Thought, Conciousness and Mind – helped themselves and others to recognise their own wisdom, and ability to find fantastic solutions to their life challenges. This ‘wisdom’ is hopeful; it can help people experience calm, joy, love, compassion and deep understanding where there had previously only been, troubling and uncomfortable feelings and thoughts.

Throughout the two days of the conference, participants will have the opportunity to listen to all our excellent and motivational speakers, and also have deeper conversations about subject areas that they are interested in, gain an initial awareness of the Three Principles, and/or deepen their current understanding – so the conference is for everyone!

We have a limited amount of bursaries for people living in the Middlesbrough area who are also receiving benefits.  We are also keen to include everyone who may be inspired to come to the event.

The conference is the Innate Health North East’s first event and we hope to see lots of people, in what promises to be a fantastic experience.

Breckon Hill Community Centre hosts the first Three Principles Conference to the North East

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